2016 Keynoters


Dr. Amanda Stanec (Missouri) - (www.movelivelearn.com)  As one of the world’s most recognized physical educators, Amanda was selected as a 2014 #PhysEd Awardee.  She has served on the Board of Directors for Physical and Health Education (PHE) Canada and is well respected for her contributions as Lead Writer for provincial wide physical education curriculum, university kinesiology and teacher education courses, and youth sport leadership.

joeyJoey Feith (Canada) - (www.thephysicaleducator.com)  Joey is a young and energetic physical educator from Montreal, Quebec. He is the creator of ThePhysicalEducator.com, an online resource. Described as one of the leading physical education innovators, Joey’s work in the development of ThePhysicalEducator.com has been hailed as creating a new standard for a globally-connected online community for K-12 physical educators!


Dr. Greg Dale (North Carolina) – (Duke University Athletics) Dr. Greg Dale, a former physical education teacher and coach, is the Director of Sport Psychology and Leadership Program for Duke Athletics. In his sport psychology role, he provides consultations for individual athletes, coaches and staff members. In addition, Greg provides team building services for athletic teams and other units within the athletic department. He is also a professor of sport psychology and sport ethics in the Department of Health, Wellness and Physical Education.

physedagogy-staffTeam PHYSEDagogy - (www.PHYSEDagogy.com)  We are pleased to have the entire team from PHYSEDagogy at the 2017 Institute.  These individuals are known throughout the #PEGeeks and #PhysEd worldwide community.  Pictured left to right: Adam Howell, Naomi Hartl, Jonathan Jones, Matt Pomeroy, Sarah G-H, Collin Brooks & Jorge Rodriguez.