2017 Keynoters

Vickroy-for-site Pat Vickroy (California)  - Pat is a person of unmatched energy and heart, a unique combination of dreams and passion that will help each of us to remember the primary reasons why we decided to pursue physical education and sport in the first place. He is well-known on the West Coast for his inspirational keynotes and presentations that typically centered around the important role of physical education in the lives of all children and youth. We are pleased to welcome Pat to UNC Asheville this summer!

joeyDr. Dale Brown (Illinois) Dr. Dale Brown has been described as one of the most dynamic and challenging researchers in the United States. His primary area of focus is on enhancing current physical education practice to have a more direct link to the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity and other adolescent lifestyle related diseases. He has over 75 published abstracts and journal articles in peer-reviewed journals along with over 40 national presentations at professional conferences.

Kirkpatrick-for-siteBeth Kirkpatrick (Iowa) - Beth’s innovative and unparalleled leadership is legendary. Her zeal and reach extends far beyond the borders of the USA as she has presented over 1,500 conferences in all fifty states and international keynotes in Malaysia, South Africa, Germany, Brazil, China, and Canada!



Dr. Lauren Lieberman (New York) - Lauren is the nation’s and perhaps the world’s most innovative advocate for adapted physical education.  Her lifelong work with Camp Abilities has taken her around the world and across the United States on a regular basis. Lauren’s passion and commitment are unstoppable!  We are pleased to welcome her to the 2018 National PE & School Sport Institute this summer.



Judy LoBianco (New Jersey) - Judy LoBianco is the Central Office Administrator for South Orange-Maplewood School District.  She is well known across the United States and on social media as an outstanding advocate for health and physical education teachers.  We welcome Judy’s return to the Institute and are very excited to share her with you.

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